Ships can tell you all about the path ahead without any experience have ever been there. A journey into the unknown. This is what Entrepreneurship feels like to the first-timer. It’s what marriage feels like to the first-timer. Now some are able to learn from the failures of others and choose good habits that lead […]

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Entrepreneurial Soccer

All the stats in the world cannot explain the magic of entrepreneurship. We defy the odds of science with a burning desire that propels our actions forward, and through every obstacle we face. Experience is the worst teacher for taking a leap into entrepreneurial activities. Cash is only a resource that does not need to […]

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The purpose of this blog is to begin to track a path looking to dream big and achieve it. Doing the right thing in any situation brings the fun out of life. So starting up the engine and driving fast towards goals that enhance lives, builds great things, and treats people with respect are what […]

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