Ships can tell you all about the path ahead without any experience have ever been there. A journey into the unknown. This is what Entrepreneurship feels like to the first-timer. It’s what marriage feels like to the first-timer. Now some are able to learn from the failures of others and choose good habits that lead to success. With that said I’d like to talk about partnerships because it is so important to any venture, whether it is marriage or a business. Both which I’ve failed at big time.

I’m going to turn the spotlight on some rich people because they obviously learned something well to earn so much money. Two couples come to mind, The Cardones and The Griffins. Both partnerships enjoy lots of money from the businesses they’ve run successfully. The Cardones enjoy a healthy life through Grant Cardone’s media business. He run’s a radio show he streams through YouTube and promotes the books he’s written and the sales training programs he’s developed. 

Now the Griffins are each hedge fund managers. They’ve enjoyed super-rich lifestyle together for over 10 years of marriage. Ken Griffin figured out a way to price bonds better than what he read others were offering, so he went out and started a brokerage with some help while in college. He went to Harvard and has donated boat loads of money to his alma mater. Ms. Griffin recently received papers for a divorce from Mr. Griffin. She made a statement that was published here highlighting her children as what is important to her. Doesn’t she hold her marriage important. I wonder what Ken and Anne’s relationship has been like over the past 12 months (smh).

I’ve been on a hard push towards digging deep at what successful marriages are like. It’s hard to know truly, so I just like to watch how both treat each other in public. That’s the best way I’ve learned to realize what a relationship is like between two people. Watch the Cardone’s play with each in this video and you can see a relationship that works versus one like the Griffin’s, who have been living apart for the last year.

Choosing partnerships that work takes brains. And a true salesperson is better with people than they are ever given credit for. Watch this video to learn about the dedication great real estate sales people make each day to do the best they can at the job they choose.


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